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 To provide entertainment value: selling a great time-in-play at a reasonable average cost per hour.  Providing games that are transparent and fun and include social elements that enhance interaction among players.


 We are a gaming company working in the

highly regulated wagering industry.

Tri-Wheel® line of games including:  Minnesota Tri-Wheel®, Dakota Tri-Wheel®, Parlor Tri-Wheel® & Tri-Wheel® Lotto.


Pig Wheel®


Nokota Gaming System™: An electronic pull tab system

In 1982, Joe Richardson started Great Gamble, a North Dakota licensed and regulated gaming supply and manufacturing company and the Great Gamble Gaming Institute, a post-secondary State Board authorized "21" dealer training school. Early designs included slab-top oak "21" tables, ticket games and dispensers. In March, 1987 our Minnesota Tri-Wheel®, the first in a new breed of wheel games played with chips and tickets on a table, was authorized for the then newly enacted charitable gaming conducted nightly in bars throughout Minnesota.  In 1992, Great Gamble retired from distribution and began morphing into the Gaming Studio.  In 1998, Gaming Studio, together with Lien Games, launched the ingloriously named and quite popular Pig Wheel®, thus far with over 50 installations operating in North Dakota. Over the past few years our wheel games have attracted more than $300 million in wagering.


In addition to mechanical games, we have designed Nokota™, an electronic gaming system that can be called the first patented electronic pull tab gaming system. It maximizes the advantages of finite-probability games in providing players with game-status transparency in a player v. player competitive environment.  We believe that many players will find Nokota far more interesting and fun than slot machines.  Please go to our Nokota™ page to discover more on this game.  There is almost no limit to the game themes and structures that can be produced within the Nokota system parameters.


We have both neighborhood and destination venue games, including the Parlor and Lotto Editions of the Tri-Wheel® and Pig Wheel® as table games and electronic networks.  Knowing the difference between markets; games aimed at neighborhood venues, where players have greater access and might play weekly amongst and with their neighbors, versus destination venues, where players might travel once a year for a weekend of gaming in glitter is, we feel, a design imperative.  Give us a call and let’s speak about what might work for your jurisdiction.



For more information on the Apple Store edition of Tri-Wheel® game, go to:


Nokota Gaming System - Electronic Pull-Tab

style game - Game Screen

Minnesota Tri-Wheel® table as played in Minnesota now.

Pig Wheel® Table as played in North Dakota now.

Mini-30 Wheel™, Minnesota Tri-Wheel®, Pig Wheel®

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Three of the in-service Gaming Studio wheels. Wagering table for the Pig Wheel as played in North Dakota Nokota electronic pull tab game selection menu with statistics on each game

Dakota Tri-Wheel® as on Apple Store now

Electric Tri-Wheel Lotto™

Dakota Tri-Wheel is an amusement App at the Apple Store Tri-Wheel Lotto can be multi-property linked casino wheel game or state lottery game

Electric Tri-Wheel® Network Main Display

Electric Tri-Wheel® Network Betting Display

Electric Pig Wheel® Network Main Display

Electric Pig Wheel™ Network Betting Display

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